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What is the Best Diet for Wellness and Weight Loss? 

It depends who you ask, and more importantly, it depends who you are. We have the paleo diet, the autoimmune paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Pritikin diet, the low fat diet, the low carb diet, the South Beach diet, etc. the list goes on and on.  Each of these diets has its ardent supporters.However, the latest science reveals that there is not a “one size fits all” diet that will work for everybody.  The concept of biochemical individuality applies to many aspects of health and wellness, including what we put in our bodies.  The science of personalized medicine is rapidly evolving.  At McMinn Clinic we can now perform genetic testing which will determine the exact diet which is perfect for your particular unique genome.  However, short of genetic testing what can these different diet camps agree on.  Here are some basic principles that are fairly universally accepted:

Minimize added sugar – Minimize processed foods, and eat more whole foods – Eat more vegetables.

I think that if we were to just follow these simple principles we would find that most of us would be healthier in the long run.


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