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Connecting the Dots

Back in the horse and buggy days doctors carried a little black bag, and made house calls.   With no high tech diagnostic tools at their disposal they used their clinical skills to diagnose and treat just about anything that comes down the pike, from delivering a baby, to amputating a limb.

Now I am not longing for a return of the “good ol’ days” when it comes to the science and art of medicine.  We have come a long way since then. Especially with the advent of the high tech revolution and genetics the pace of medical discovery just about makes my head spin these days.

With the ever more hair-splitting specialization of medicine, we now have super-duper sub-specialists.  We don’t just go to an orthopedic doctor; we now even have a shoulder specialist, hand specialist, and hip specialist, etc.  Each of our specialists is looking at the patient through their own set of glasses.  “To a hammer, all the world is a nail.”

While there are many advantages to having doctors with super specialized point of view, there is also a big disadvantage.  Sometimes in modern medicine we miss the big picture, because nobody is “connecting the dots.”  As it turns out, we are not a collection of individual organs, housed in a single body.  We are whole people. Everything is connected.  The hipbone really is connected to the thighbone, just as the gut is connected to the brain, and the skin, and the heart, and the bones, and on and on.  On top of this we then have the issue of the mind connected to the body, connected to the emotions.

For many of my patients with chronic health problems, the key to getting better is to look at the patient as a whole person.  To build the patient back up from the ground up,with the fundamentals of health.  In most of these cases, the answer is not to just take another pill, or two, or three. It is about taking the time to see the big picture; by connecting the dots in this interwoven matrix we call the human mind-body.


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