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Mindfulness in Medicine

Times have changed when it comes to the doctor-patient relationship. Nowadays when I go to see my doctor she seems to be more focused on checking the right boxes on the computer than on listening to what I’m saying.  As a patient I am left to wonder if she ever really heard my concerns.   As a physician I can knowingly say that doctors don’t like the current situation any more than patients.  Unfortunately the coders, billers, bean counters and insurance companies have taken over health care.   Frustration with the electronic medical record is one of the top reasons for the epidemic of physician burnout.

At McMinn Clinic, we embrace technology, but we also realize that mindful listening is the most powerful tool in medicine.  As a healer, when I enter a room with a patient, I am fully present in the moment.  I am not distracted by a trying to navigate around a computer while the patient is telling me her heart-wrenching story. I am not thinking about anything else except “how can I help this patient achieve her goals of optimal wellness.

The bottom line is outcomes. I have found that bringing mindfulness to medicine through focused listening is the most important tool in helping people get better.


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