Dr. McMinn

James McMinn, M.D., “Birmingham’s Wellness Doctor”

Dr. McMinn has been featured in:   The Birmingham News, Birmingham Medical News, The Birmingham Weekly, Fox 6 News, and Fox 6 Business Brief. He is also the host of a regular radio show- “The Wellness Connection with Dr. McMinn,” and he is a regular featured author in Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Although western-trained, board-certified, and with over 20 years of experience, Dr. McMinn has fully embraced the concept and practice of integrative, complementary, and functional medicine. He believes in a unique combination of old fashioned medicine in conjunction with high-tech practices. Dr. McMinn takes the time to listen to each patient, and then works with the patient as partners to come up with a plan which is both evidence-based and outcomes-oriented. He is a strong advocate for prevention, and helps each patient achieve optimal wellness.

While well versed in traditional western medicine, his approach is often from a more holistic perspective, with an open mind toward alternative modalities, and an appreciation for the mind/body/spirit connection. When possible, he attempts to get at the underlying cause, rather than simply treat symptoms.

There are basically two categories of patients that Dr. McMinn sees. One group includes fairly healthy people who wish to maintain good health and even optimize their wellness using advanced nutrition and hormone optimization, stress reduction, and mind/body balancing, etc. Another prominent patient type are those who present with particular problems and want a fresh look at their issues from perhaps a more integrative point of view. Many of these patients have already been to their “regular doctor” and they consider Dr. McMinn to be their “doctor of last resort”.

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