Breast Thermography

Breast Cancer Screening

# FDA-approved
# Excellent Sensitivity
# High-definition images
# Completely non-invasive, no touching or squeezing
# No risk for rupture of implants
# Takes very little time

There are two FDA-approved screening tools for breast cancer screening, mammography and thermography.   Thermography measures thermal emissions emanating from the body.  These thermal emissions are picked up by highly sensitive, state-of-the-art infrared cameras and sophisticated computers. The images are then interpreted by board certified physicians, especially trained and certified in thermography.  Cancerous tissues often have an identifiable “heat signature” which can be seen by the physician, which may alert the patient and provider of the possible presence of an underlying tumor.  Other breast problems may also be detected such as inflammation, and possible estrogen dominance.

Neither thermography nor mammography can diagnose breast cancer. They are both FDA approved screening tests for breast cancer, which reveal different aspects of the disease process and allow for further exploration. Thermography is a definate risk marker for breast pathology.

Recently, Dr. McMinn was interviewed by Fox News, in a feature story about the breast cancer screening tool. To see the interview, please click here:

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Thermography:  Patient Testimonial

“I was concerned about an area on my breast and wanted to be screened, but had concerns , because of some health issues about exposure to radiation with mammography. I’m an RN, and did my own research to find a place offered thermography screening, which was my preference, and found that Dr. McMinn, in Birmingham, has a thermography camera. My husband and I have a strong interest in wellness and we are always searching for the best options for achieving and maintaining good health for our whole family. ”
~Missy Gandy, RN, Birmingham, AL

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