Integrative Aesthetics

Available now at McMinn Clinic:

“Building Beauty Inside and Out”

Dr. McMinn and Adina Barnett, certified aesthetician, now offer advanced aesthetic services at McMinn Clinic including:

Chemical Peels
Brow-Lash Tinting
Laser Hair Removal
Limelight Facial

Skin health starts with the foundations of wellness. Dr. McMinn is Birmingham’s leading expert on integrative health solutions to help you achieve optimal wellness, mind/body/ spirit including skin health. Adina then takes over and provides state of the art aesthetic services to help you look your youthful best. At McMinn clinic in our new integrative aesthetic studio, we’ve got you covered, inside and out.


Glotherapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating home care programs and professional treatments, including chemical exfoliation. Utilizing innovative technology and the latest scientific discoveries, our advanced formulations feature potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. The powerful gloComplex, comprised of spin trap, carnosine, amla and niacinamide, accelerates results while working to prevent free radical damage and supporting skin structure.
*Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade, chirally correct ingredients
*All products feature the signature gloComplex and an army of antioxidants
*Paraben-free and dye-free
*Customizable protocols to achieve subtle to gradual or dramatic results

Dr. Des Fernandes, world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, pioneered the use of vitamin A in high effective doses and antioxidants more than 20 years ago, establishing environ as a leader in skin care. Dr. Fernandes realized that the cosmetic of the future had to contain adequate amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C and other antioxidants, along with peptides and growth factors, if we intended to protect our skins from the ravages of increasing UV irradiation and the stresses of modern-day life.
Environ is completely results-driven. All new products are developed as a result of Dr. Fernandes personal, scientific basis for their inclusion into the Environ range. Always a generation ahead of others, Environ continually adds new product backed by clinical and scientific research.

For more services offered, visit the website dedicated to skin care at

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