C. Hardy said:

The staff at McMinn is always helpful and easy to with about what is sometimes thought to be difficult subjects (libido etc…) Dr. McMinn is a genius and is more ” forward thinking” than any other Dr. I’ve seen. I suggest this clinic to all of my friends.

Debbie B. said:

I receive prompt, responsive care when needed, such as as prescription refills or changes, supplements, etc…Dr. McMinn’s approach to wellness and addressing the whole person has made significant positive changes in my overall health and lifestyle. I highly recommend him to others.


“After coming under duress, I found Dr. McMinn and crew and they delivered for me. As Dr. McMinn said, “you feel good?”  YES “would you like to FEEL better?”  Boy did you guys deliver for both of us. Your cost was not in the budget, but now my response to my wife when asked was, “what is the budget for quality of life?”  GREAT JOB!!

Rhonda F. said: 

“When I found the McMinn Clinic, I hadn’t slept in years! I was overweight/obese and felt horrible in so many ways. In the evaluation, my metabolic age was 65. I was only 50!! A year later, I’ve lost 55 pounds, I sleep, I exercise and I feel incredible. Today my metabolic age is 41! Thanks to the McMinn Clinic my entire family is healthier than we’ve been in years and loving life!

“A Happy Alabama Octogenarian”  said:

“Dr. McMinn and his clinic staff are quite remarkable in a number of ways. Dr. McMinn goes beyond most in that he uses his whole range of studies (pre-med sciences, med school, nutrition sciences) as well as experience. Dr. McMinn gives the most extensive blood test regimen in my experience!  And he uses every bit of it to get exact diagnoses.  Then he treats specific problems.

Interestingly, he does not tamper with prescriptions from other physicians, however he might make a suggestion.

Dr. McMinn retrieved me from: sleeping excessively, severe brain fog when awake, extreme fatigue, and languor.  These problems were brought on by years of an autoimmune disorder.

When I started the McMinn regimen I could barely walk up two steps without help and my balance was poor. Now I can run up a number of steps!  My balance is better.  My mind is clearer, and I’m out of my shell with others!!

Dr. McMinn and staff treat patients like long-time-friends.  He even writes the patient a letter during the visit telling what was found and what is to be done.  The the doctor and patient go over the letter together.

When a patient follows the regimen closely and improves, the number of future visits may be reduced.  I can’t say enough in praise of Dr. McMinn and staff.  God must have gotten us together!”

-Anne Johnston, Airline Pilot, Birmingham, Alabama said:

“I would like to tell you about my experience with Dr McMinn. I came to him totally exhausted, and a little bit overweight. I had been to another “wellness” clinic in Washington state; I was told there that if I didn’t do something, I could easily become diabetic. Well, a year later and a lot of money down the drain, I felt no different and my weight had not changed. I was so tired! My job requires me to work the nightshift some weeks; other weeks I work during the day-so flipflopping day and night was not helping me. A friend of mine recommended Dr McMinn. So I went to him and told him my story..how I felt and what I wanted to change. I can tell you that he tested more things than the previous clinic; things that obviously made a difference. After we got the results back, Dr McMinn talked to me about what these results meant in a manner that I could understand. And with that understanding, he drew up my prescription. Truthfully, after a few days, I started feeling better. After a few months I had lost weight and body fat. I can honestly say for my age-forty something-I feel better than I ever have. I have more energy than ever before. And with Dr McMinn’s help, I am living a healthier lifestyle now because I want to continue feeling this way-inspite of my onerous work schedule. I have complete faith in Dr McMinn’s work. Why? Because I know how much better I feel, and I have seen the same results with my boyfriend and my sister who now go to Dr McMinn.”

Janet O. said:

“I had very focused treatment. I feel like a total person when I am here. Lots of support and future potential.”

Lisa Baker P Said:

Very satisfied with my initial visit. Dr. McMinn listened to my issues and seemed genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of what is going on. I felt like he was going to be very thorough.”

Luther Pierce B. said:

Wonderfully helpful and compassionate!!”

 Elizabeth F. said:

“Only a thesaurus could supply the positive adjectives that describe my association with the McMinn Clinic.  I have been a patient/client for over a year and continue to feel a renewed sense of energy and encouraging outlook regarding my health.    However, in addition to the health issues that originally prompted me to seek help at the clinic, my owen personal aging concerns have been addressed with remarkable success through thermage and the integrative hair restoration component. I wold recommend either of these procedures / processes to anyone who wishes to tackle the aging process proactively.”

Lisa E. said:

“Before coming to McMinn Clinic everyday was a chore.  I woke up tired- complained all day and couldn’t sleep at night.  After I started the hormones and products suggested, my life changed drastically.  Now when friends ask if i feel better, I have to think back to the days I felt bad!  I had forgotten.”

 Cheryl G. said:

“I have been coming to McMinn Clinic for over a year.  I was having problems sleeping, anxious, tired and was concerned about the Rx meds I was taking.  After a year on Dr. McMinn’s regimen, I am feeling great and have none of the symptoms that were previously an issue. Thank you McMinn Team for your atteniton to every detail of my physical and mental health.  I feel like I have my life back.”

M.G. said:

“I was made to feel very comfortable talking about personal issues.  Staff acted genuinely concerned about my well-being.” -

 L.T. said:

“I’ve never had people care so much about my health and mental well-being.  I saw Pat for months. Wow!  She is an amazing.  One of the nicest people I’ve ever meet. So cool and understanding!”

Sharon A. said:  ”Very good experience all around!”

Donna W. said:

“They are very willing to listen and very nice. I did not have to explin everything to the nurse and then turn around and tell the same thing to the doctor.”

Gloria B. said:

“I am so thankful that I found you! I look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.”

 Laura C. said:

“I have had a wonderful experience at McMinn Clinic- it is all I had hoped it would be. I feel like I have a “game plan” for better health!

 Lenesha Zaner – Southside, Birmingham, AL

“I thank God for these people!” For years, I suffered with severe pain in both my arms, to the point where I couldn’t even do the simplest things. I went from doctor to doctor, had nerve conduction studies, from experts and still no one could tell me what was causing this mysterious pain. I would tell doctors, ‘I’m not a drug-seeker…I want the PROBLEM fixed!’ Finally, I was on the verge of seeking disability, when I found out about Dr. McMinn. I wasn’t very optimistic when I came here but after a very thorough work-up with, including a test for heavy metal, I was treated for heavy metal toxicity (mercury) and after several weeks of intensive IV therapy to boost my immunity, I began to feel better. After a month, I was able to chop a WHOLE vegetable tray by myself and my family was amazed. This year, on July 4th, I got to celebrate MY ‘Independence Day’ as well!”

C.B. said:

“Atmosphere is soothing, people are very friendly and doctor is very thorough!”

Christina D. said:

“I have loved my experience here, and feel more informed about my body each time I come.”

Patti Y. said:

“I feel very encouraged. I feel confident with a more natural approach to hormone therapy. I have never had a doctor offer extensive lab tests before so that impresses me that what I need specifically will be addressed.”

Grace Marie C. said:

“Wonderful! I actually look forward to going to the doctor!”

 Evelyn B. said:

“I feel so comfortable here. Dr. McMinn is so knowledgeable, friendly, professional and above all else cares enough to want to get to the bottom of the problem. There is a welcoming, caring atmosphere here that I have not seen elsewhere.”

Deborah T.S. said:

“The amount of time and interest in my health and well-being provided by Dr. McMinn is one-of-a-kind. My husband and I are very happy that our friend, Judy B., recommended Dr. McMinn to us. He is a very astute physician whom we trust completely.”

 William H. said:

“Always very satisfied with the quality of care and that my physician knows me. I am free to ask questions and have information to guide my healthcare decisions.”

Nicholas S. said:

“Overall I think this is the kind of practice that I have been looking for since I have needed treatment this year. I feel like a person here not just a patient.”

 Laura B. said:  ”Great service. Concerned, caring staff.”

Jorge B. said:

“Friendly and most important personal treatment. You feel like in times past; there is a relationship with your doctor again. Thank you for helping me feel better.”

Andrea C. said:

“I appreciate the time that Dr. McMinn takes with his patients. He allows you to express all concerns and takes then into consideration. I feel like he truly listens.”

Paula T. said:

“I feel I have really been listened to, and that he is actively working on solving my problems.”

Bee L. (Carl G’s daughter) said:

“We love coming here. Daddy looks forward to it. We appreciate your care. We would recommend you! Dr. McMinn genuinely cares about his patients and it shows!”

Traci S. said:

“I am very happy I chose to receive treatment at this clinic. Dr. McMinn is always very thorough and I appreciate him taking a comprehensive approach to my care.”

Laura Katherine W. said:

Dr. McMinn takes the time to explain/ talk through everything I wanted to cover. He went through my test results line by line, explaining each and identifying ways to proceed. I cannot tell you how this calms anxieties about treatment issues! I have total confidence that he actually cares about my health, and will work with me to attain our goals- Thank you!”

Laura C. said:

An experience unlike others- I feel a sense of a more holistic approach that is taking all body systems into consideration-endocrine, gynecological, digestive, neurological, etc.”

Paula T. said:

“I have been very pleased with how Dr. McMinn has worked so patiently with me. He is the most thorough doctor I have ever used. I know if I continue to work with him I will reach all my goals.”

JoAnne N. said:

It was professional. Dr. McMinn spent quite a bit of time with me and listening to me. Everyone was extremely helpful. I am leaving feeling my needs and concerns were met. Looking forward to an extended relationship and healing.”

Gail D said:

So pleased with the attentiveness of Dr. McMinn and the amount of time he was willing to spend with me answering my questions.”

John R. Jr. said:

Excellent! Very helpful and promising!”

Benetia G. said: 

For the first time in a long time I felt like I was speaking to someone who was well qualified.”

K. Michele S. said:

Love the new clinic!  I didn’t know how sick I really was until I started getting better. People I barely know noticed a change in me. I have a ways to go, but I am so much better.”

Sue B said:

I was looking for a doctor who would help me find the cause of several things that were affecting my health. When I discovered Dr. McMinn my searching was over! The thoroughness of the tests was impressive and I now feel so much better!”

Lanesha Z. said:

“I have never been to a more patient-oriented clinic. I believe the main purpose of this office is to improve each patient’s health and wellness; instead of, focusing on the dictatorship of insurance.”

DeMara F. said:

“Dr. McMinn has made great changes with my husband so I know he will be able to help me. Thank you for all your help.”

 Allyn B. said:

Dr. Mcminn is wonderful, knowledgable, and reassuring. It’s so nice to have an alternative to traditional medical care, while yet knowing that the medical issues are addressed.”

Beth R. said:

My experience was very good. The whole staff is accomodating and seem very happy to be here. I am grateful for this clinic in Birmingham and look forward to future visits.”

Shakir said:

It was nice to see a doctor who truly listened. So far so good! On the road to happy!!!”

Missy Gandy, RN, Birmingham, AL

“I was concerned about an area on my breast and wanted to be screened, but had concerns , because of some health issues about exposure to radiation with mammography. I’m an RN, and did my own research to find a place offered thermography screening, which was my preference, and found that Dr. McMinn, in Birmingham, has a thermography camera. My husband and I have a strong interest in wellness and we are always searching for the best options for achieving and maintaining good health for our whole family. ”

Steve W. said: 

“Dr. McMinn and his staff have really helped in getting me on the appropriate path to overall wellness and great health. I have been treated by them for over 18 months and have made significant improvement in my health, based on Dr. McMinn’s advice, suggestions, and treatment. I highly recommend the McMinn Clinic to anyone who wishes to improve their health the natural way.”

Chris said:

“I started with Dr. McMinn I believe two years ago.. I was not feeling well, looking well and had some major problems. All problems resolved except one and it is almost resolved. He is very compassionate, caring and what I like about him is he will listen to you. We know our bodies more than anyone else. I despise going to a doctor and they always grab that prescription pad to give you something to mask the problem. Not Dr. McMinn. He will try everything before he has to give you that man made prescription and yes sometimes that is all that will work. But we try to work all avenues before we take that prescription drug. I want to know why something does not work and what alternative method I can use. I feel better than I have in my life. My diabetes is perfect. Now I am going to start working on the cosmetic things he offers. My husband uses him also. He is a good man, very intelligent doctor and truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His staff is wonderful. How many times have you gone to a doctor and the staff acts like they resent you. They do not here. They go out of their way to help you, very kind and it is just a pleasant experience. I truly will be his patient as long as he is in practice! I have seen great results and we look forward to being a patient of the McMinn Clinic for many years to come.. We have the problems resolved and now we are on maintenance in keeping them solved. Thank you Dr. McMinn and your staff. You truly are wonderful.. All of you.”

Susie U. said:

I have been coming to The Clinic for over two years now and I am a walking example of all of the good things that can be found at this wonderful plaace…Dr. McMinn and his up-to-date research on “all-things” health related, his straight-forwarad approach to reinstating each person’s good health, Dr. Margot Wahlbert and her wonderful acupuncture treatments both for my health conditions and my facial rejuvenation (the before and after shots are remarkable) and Chinese massage, the Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s with Glutathione that I get weekly from Delores,Thermage for my abdomimal area (it worked GREAT), and the great supplements that helps me to be the best I can be and to boost my compromised immune system. The caring staff has always been a delight to deal with and very helpful and professional to both me and my husband. I cannot recommend this place enough…they are a true blessing to me. I feel like I am a better person, all around, for coming to this place of healing. Thanks to all of you at McMinn Clinic.”

 Kristi T. said:

I began seeing Dr. McMinn several years ago for my hormones and at the time I knew I was feeling bad bit didn’t realize just how bad it was until I started feeling so much better. Through his help he has brought me and my husband so much closer together. Our sex life has exploded and my energy level and aches and pains are all gone.  Thanks to my wonderful Dr. and friend. If you need help with anything I strongly recommend Dr. McMinn.  He’s the best!

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. mcminnclinic says:

    Hello Karen. Thanks for writing. I’m quite confident that we an help you. I see many women with the same problems and the vast majority get much better. Please call the office and ask for Julie, our Practice Administrator. She’ll walk you through the process and get you set up. I think that it could be transformative for you. Good luck, and take care. JM

  2. Tracy R. says:

    Just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to your wonderful staff. I have been a patient since December seeing Pat-who is wonderful, but also the staff. So many kind and caring people. I have always felt like they truly cared about how I was doing and how my progress was coming along. I have recommended your clinic to many people and I know they all have had the same wonderful experience that I have had!!

  3. Jan Miller, Columbus, Mississippi says:

    It has been 9 months since my first visit to the McMinn Clinic and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life. I cannot ever express in writing how I feel about Dr. McMinn and Pat. I have lost over 128 lbs to date and only have a few more pounds to go. When I came into the clinic I weighed over 284 pounds with high Blood Pressure, Liver Enzymes sky high and other various problems. Dr. McMinn did an assessment and did extensive blood work to get everything back in order. He addressed all my needs (even ones I would never talk to anyone about). I have never in my life been treated with such respect and love as I have been at the McMinn Clinic. I had three goals when I started and as of today I have met all three goals. If you are reading this and thinking its to hard or its to expensive you are wrong. It is the best thing I ever did and I will be a patient for life. Which by the way I have added 20 years back to my life and I am a healthy 55 year old feeling like I am 20 again. The last thing I will say is DO IT….Make your appointment today……Bahahahaha….they did not pay me to say this….It is just the truth!!!!!!